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When “Whatever It Takes” Ends

zerohedge.com / by Tyler Durden / Jun 30, 2017 12:09 PM Via Global Macro Monitor, On Tuesday,  June 27th,  Super Mario said this, “Deflationary forces have been replaced by reflationary ones.”  – Mario Draghi And here is how global 10-year bond yields reacted, The German 10-year Bund yield increased 77 percent — OK, from a …

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Why the Gold Price Could Rebound 12.8% After This Week’s Flash Crash

wallstreetexaminer.com / by Peter Krauth • June 30, 2017 This is a syndicated repost courtesy of Money Morning. To view original,click here. Reposted with permission. The gold price has been going strong over the long term, up 7.7% to $1,241 so far in 2017. But if you just look at its short-term price action, you’d be hard-pressed to …

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kingworldnews.com / June 30, 2017 Below is a very important alert for gold, silver and stocks… Today Michael Oliver sent me an email stating that Bill Fleckenstein had quoted him in his wrap today.  What Oliver had written (that Fleckenstein decided to share) was absolutely brilliant and I’m sure that is why Fleckenstein featured …

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Trump On Chicagoland: “Killings Have Reached Epic Proportions…I’m Sending In The Feds!”

zerohedge.com / by Tyler Durden / Jun 30, 2017 11:48 AM He’s been promising to do it for a long time, and now it appears that Trump is finally “sending in the Feds” to help with Chicago’s “crime and killings” which have “reached epic proportions.” Crime and killings in Chicago have reached such epidemic …

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When the Deal Goes Down

wallstreetexaminer.com / by James Howard Kunstler • June 30, 2017 This is a syndicated repost courtesy of Kunstler. To view original, click here.Reposted with permission. Who needs Russia when the Tweety-Bird-in-Chief is hacking his own presidency into a global joke? Or at least it might be a joke if the USA weren’t such a menace to …

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