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Bill Ackman Joins Twitter

zerohedge.com / by Tyler Durden / Jun 29, 2017 12:19 PM After years of purportedly cultivating relationships with journalists to burnish his image in the press, Pershing Square Capital Founder Bill Ackman has created a twitter account, presumably to cut out the middleman and speak directly to the people, after eating a series of embarrassing losses from …

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Human Rights Court Rules Life Support Cut for Infant — Needlessly Signing His Death Warrant

thedailysheeple.com / Claire Bernish / June 29, 2017 Two parents will lose their beloved 10-month-old son to what could arguably deemed State execution — so avoidably vile, the imminent killing, Charles Dickens undoubtedly rolls in his grave. Charlie Gard — ruled the (unironically named) European Court of Human Rights in determining the …

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Dollar Index Continues to Slide; Bond Yields Rise — Market Rotation Underway

ibankcoin.com / Dr. Fly / Jun 29, 2017  Technically, when the dollar weakens monetary policy is easing. Lower rates is conducive with a weaker dollar. The opposite is true when the Fed is undergoing a tightening program, such as now. This usually rings true, but not always. The dollar index continues to …

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