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Ethereum Price: The Week of Feb. 22-28

Ethereum price has reached psychological resistance. If it breaks through that line, the next stop is likely to occur at the $20 point. Another increase in volatility can provoke the launch of a new Blockchain consortium, which Microsoft will join. Source: Cointelegraph

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Just When You Thought Everything Was Going To Be Fine, This Happened – Episode 1215b

X22Report, Published on Feb 27, 2017 Obamacare online posters are paid, and investigation reveals 60% are paid posters. Chair Of House Intel Committee says no evidence that Trump is tied to Russia. Leaked recording reveal that anti-Trump protesters plan it all. White House launched surprise phone checks and are now …

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Swap Spreads Surge To 5-Year Highs As Debt Ceiling Despair Strikes

zerohedge.com / by Tyler Durden Feb 27, 2017 2:30 PM It appears David Stockman’s warnings over the looming debt ceiling debacle has sparked some investors to face up to reality once again. The Treasury-Bill yield curve has inverted further and swap spreads soared to five-year highs. The difference between 2-year swap rates …

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U.S. Marshals Scan Passenger Retinas to Board Flight: “Like Everyone Else, I Complied”

shtfplan.com / Mac Slavo / February 27th, 2017 During the war on terrorism, Americans compromised their liberties to fight for freedom. Now, during the war on immigration, Americans will again be compelled to sacrifice liberties for American sovereignty. In the name of security, anywhere, anytime. All measures will be justified, everyone will …

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David Tepper Asks “Why Are Stocks And Bonds Acting So Differently”

zerohedge.com / by Tyler Durden / Feb 27, 2017 2:12 PM With bond and stock markets having recently bifurcated, signalling two distinctly different outlooks on the future of the reflation trade, the confusion among the “smartest money” persists. Close up this looks even more divergent. Friday was the 6th day in a row …

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